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December 2014
December 2014

: Anti-Dumping

SIMA News-Concrete Rebar
Posted on : 2014.12.10

SIMA Update: Refined Sugar
Posted on : 2014.12.08

SIMA Investigation - Photovoltaic Modules and Laminates
Posted on : 2014.12.05

Oil Country Tubular Goods-SIMA Inquiry
Posted on : 2014.12.05

: Textiles & Apparel

: Transport

London Airspace Closes Temporarily due to a Computer Glitch
Posted on : 2014.12.12

Low Water Surcharge
Posted on : 2014.12.01

West Coast Congestion Update
Posted on : 2014.11.28

Stolen Containers: A Persistent Problem
Posted on : 2014.11.27

Municipal Workers on Day-Long Strike Across Quebec Against Controversial Pension-Reform Bill
Posted on : 2014.11.26

US Port Congestion Surcharge Reinstated
Posted on : 2014.11.24

US Port Congestion Surcharge Postponed
Posted on : 2014.11.20

US Port Congestion Surcharge
Posted on : 2014.11.14

West Coast Labour Disruption Raises Fear of Strike
Posted on : 2014.11.13

Cargo Claims: The First 5 Steps
Nobody likes a claim. They are bad for shippers, bad for receivers, bad for carriers and bad for 3PLs. Unfortunately, they still happen and when they do, they can be painful and time consuming. However, you can mitigate this aggravation by following a few key steps in the first hours and days that follow the notice of overages, shortages or damages (OS&D).
Posted on : 2014.11.08

Labor slowdowns causing congestion on the West Coast
Posted on : 2014.11.07

Air Imports from Far East Near Full Capacity
Posted on : 2014.11.04

: US Customs

: General


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